Straying into this county fair

Finally, I can say that I’ve started blogging. Here I am working on my fourth post, listening to country music, and still thinking what to write about. Hm… Country music. County fairs. Freshman year. Farms. Animals. Friends. College. Wait! I have something.

College has such an uncanny resemblance to a county fair! Firstly, we are shipped off to a strange, new, alien place (in many cases in the countryside). Then, everything is hands-on, and you are in charge of taking care of yourself. The territory for you is uncharted and unmarked, and you frequently get lost in the vast expanse. There are seasoned workers who look down at you as if you are fresh prey. Then, you start coming upon recreations, and take a swing here, and shake a leg there to the mild sound of guitar. You lend a voice here to the beautiful chorus that some people are singing, and lend an ear there to the chatter of old, experienced men. Soon enough, you try to chat up pretty lassies, and your mates hover in with smirks on their face. And these mates? Well, you spend all your time around with them – learning trades and inspecting whatever is on showcase in that fair. (Even trying some nifty brews with them time and again, and going all crazy!) It’s not late before you fall in love with this strange, new, alien place. You love the smell of fresh air. You love running around, and competing in rodeos, showing off some skill. And, erm, food? Pure farm quality. Roughly prepared, and makes you hunt wildly for the few places where you can find a delicious stew.

This county fair is amazing, and is going to comprise of some of our lives’ best years. Replete with fun, freedom, flamboyance. And, the first of these few years has already passed – that too so rapidly! So, we shouldn’t hold our horses, waiting for things to happen – because the fair will be over before we know it. So, cheers to all my mates from the fair and beyond. Yeehaw! Let’s ride!


Introspections of a freshman

First year’s over! Damn, it feels like it took almost no time since I stepped into college. Things have gone by so rapidly, with a myriad of experiences, choices and frustrations along the way. So, finally now that everything’s settled a bit, time for a post summarizing these experiences. Here we go.

Exam results. Well, not so much about the results, but what skills these exams resulted in. Back to back studying, averaging less than 4 hours of sleep a day for a week, even insomnia at times – whoever said that days of study would be over – nah, they have just started. But, even through the frustration of pulling off all this stuff – I had fun – the stuff I learned was great (except Math just didn’t click this semester). More is to come next semester, when I can start taking courses for gaining minors and honors, and courses as electives – then, I can really start getting more flavor and personalization in my degree.

Next, we move to extra-curricular stuff and sophomore PoRs (Positions of Responsibility). When at IIT, you will be ground and smashed from all directions about all that you can do. You are supposed to join clubs and teams building neat machines, you are supposed to take PoRs, and you are supposed to get involved and work for the two brilliant fests (Mood Indigo and Tech Fest). Well, my experience has been mixed. Firstly, each one of these things – each single one of them – is a sucker for time. Although there’s a lot of learning, I simply couldn’t decide what to devote myself to. I have interests in so many things – I want to keep up playing my guitar, I want to do MUNs, I want to do debates, I want to write for the student newspaper, I want to give time to academics and go ahead and get a minor (or two – I really sound like a nerd now, but whatever) – so I was absolutely confused – how could I keep up everything? At the end of it, I decided to leave PoRs and the “tech-teams” for the subsequent years, and just get better at the so many different things I like. And I’m really happy about this decision – I can just relax and explore. (For example, I just took up a Japanese Language course for the summer, and am also doing 4 courses from Coursera. It’s fun.)

That’s pretty much it. So, this makes the third post for the blog. It’s not revolutionary, or something that blows your mind away, but maybe it makes a refreshing read. Hope you liked it.