What’s with this creepy silence?

Alright, I know that I’ve been gone a long while, and that I haven’t written anything for an eon. Bad of me – really, really bad. I’ve been experimenting with how much load I can take in a span of two months, and frankly, I went so much overboard that my mind was like, “Look dude. Stahp! (urban slang is fun – and please, I won’t misspell stop, trust me on that!). These are your vacations, what the hell is the matter with you?”. But, I have managed to fish out two Coursera certificates (tentative, but I’ll get them for sure) out of this epic mess that I created, which, I admit, did lead to quality deterioration here and there. One example, is this where-the-hell-has-it-been post. Another, is that I have just been messing up the Japanese classes that I took up. When you’re learning a language, it’s a universal law – practice every damn single day. Otherwise, it’s a goner – swish out of your head. And that’s why, with a few classes remaining, and just one week to go for submitting the project that I’m working on with 2 team-mates – I really need to focus. So, although you won’t hear again from me until the first week of July, I promise, there are more than a few articles in the pipeline – stashed away as drafts that I just couldn’t get a headway on. Well, writers block (the writer shrugs casually) – what are you going to do? Anyways, see you again soon.



PS I don’t really know who reads my blogs (Is it just me? Damn. Those statistics that WordPress provides must be lying). So, I would be really grateful if you could just comment away. Write anything you want (well, please be gracious enough to be coherent) – you could introduce yourself, give me the link to your blog (if you’re a blogger too), comment on my writing style (anything from “Well, this is fun to read” to “What the hell is this piece of shit/waste of time”) – you’re free to say what you want. I’m still learning, and this blog has been and will continue to be one of the most profound lessons and experiences that I have had in creative, reflective, introspective writing (Let me check – did I miss out an adjective? No, enough already!). Alright, you’re the boss now, type away please!

¬†PPS From this and subsequent posts, I am thinking of adopting a letter format (okay, you got me, all I am adding is a “Yours…Abhinav”, but hey, it does add a lot of feel to the article). Well, I hope you like this smallish but neat little touch.