Picking up the dusting cloth

Cough! Boy, this blog has been gathering dust for a while now. Blogging isn’t as trivial as I had taken it to be – takes a good amount of time, and of course needs content! A lot has happened in the past few months, and I thought I might as well pen it down and get a post out of it.

Well, college for starters. It has been going well. Past semester got me my best result so far, so pretty happy with it. Some screw ups did happen with the additional courses I picked up, so probably need to keep that in check in the future. Hm…

There’s a PoR (Position of Responsibility) too. I had written earlier about how I was unsure about whether I’d pick up a PoR or not, but I finally got around to landing one I was really interested in. The selection process was pretty rigorous, but fun too. For those interested, the PoR is Institute Secretary of International Relations – I’d be a student representative with a say in the international activities of the institute.

Moving on, there are internships. An update that comes late – I interned at Shopsense in the winters (December ’13), and it was a great experience. The company is doing really well, and has some neat ideas. Check them out at http://www.shopsense.co/.

For these summers, I am interning at Function Space. It’s a social network and forum for Science. It’s a brilliant website, and would play a major role in the online learning revolution that we are having. Check them out at http://functionspace.org/.

Both these internships involve(d) a fair bit of coding. I have had this parallel interest since ages, and it has been fun to indulge in it. I am also planning on pursuing a related minor in college. Let’s see how it goes.

Department courses have been getting more and more interesting. I’m still as thrilled about Aerospace as I was when I entered college. A strong aim for the coming year would be to get some great projects done, and work with the field in a more hands on manner.

Well – that’s pretty much it! There’s a new city I am adjusting to, and honestly, it hasn’t been as great as Mumbai. But here’s hoping Pune will throw some interesting stuff sooner or later.

There’ll soon be another post, so stay tuned. I’m not making any promises about keeping very regular with this blog, but hey, I am pretty sure I am going to try hard. See you next time.