Finally, I’ve managed to make running interesting for me and managed to keep it for over a month! Here’s proof for the sceptical among you,

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 16.22.51


When I started, my comfortable mark was around 1.6 km, which I’ve managed to now push to 3-3.5 km. I am now beginning to do over 6 km per day.

So what made it work this time? From plain observations:

  • I tried to go running in a group. Having a peer group around you helps. A lot.
  • I kept track of my runs through an app (I use Nike+). It gamifies it and rewards you. Again, helps.
  • I allowed myself to stop and not feel pressurised to hit that target always. Consequently, I injured myself less, and that helped to keep going.
  • Although I started with the objective of losing weight, now it’s more about pushing on for those extra kilometres and improving my pace. That, I feel, is a much better aim, and helps maintain patience.

Hopefully, this would remain a part of the routine. I’ll give any other interesting updates as I go along. Next step, a marathon!


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