What has been up?

So this is keeping in trend with the level of intermittency of my posts – apologies, mes amis. A lot has been going on. I ran my first half marathon – which was a beautiful milestone to achieve on my running journey. This was back in August, where I managed to do two races in a week, and then stopped for about two months until about 10 days ago.

Important lesson here – do not stop working out. The biggest factor in my doing well in running in the first place was that I kept going for whatever distances — large or small — but I did that consistently each day of the week. The resistance and struggle faced in building back up to your prior levels can be a bit much, and you miss out on the incremental gains stacked up over a long time. This Quora answer is pretty relevant too.

Next, my language journey has been going great! I took up an advanced French course, and finished the language tree on Duolingo. Struggling quite a bit on understanding native speakers speak it, but I guess I should hang in there. It seems more natural by the day.

Takeaway? Everyday. Compound interest is a strong force, young padawan.

That’s about it for now! I’ll keep posting more, and might even add some poetry/songs to this page! Like always, देर आएँगे लेकिन दुरुस्त आएँगे । The posts will keep coming, and I’ll try to keep the waiting periods as small as possible.

Cheers! (Raises a glass of Hoegaarden, a beer that yours truly has come to love recently. Figuratively of course, can’t afford to get kicked off the campus for possessing alcohol :P)