I looked through the windowpane.
Two images – a half world and a half me.
Stirring together in a confused concoction.
No clue what it wanted to be.

It drizzled mildly, and then it rained.
A deafening static, engulfing the air;
Blocking all the useless worries,
A little more than my usual share.

I closed my eyes and slowly slipped.
Into a nothingness incredibly relieving.
Sinking slowly, and slowly, and slowly,
Into that elusive feeling.

-Abhinav Garg



The curtains fluttered in the wind,
As did they.
The storm outside was intense.
As were they.

The fervent dance,
That was so livid in them.
Took them from end to end,
As they swayed.

The sea outside was lit with passion.
As were they.
The waves raged away with all their might.
As did they.

-Abhinav Garg


I moved to a higher ground.
A colder wind.
But people of the warmest kind.

Their faces splashed red.
Soaking in every bit,
Of their paradise.

Numbing fingers,
Shivers every now and then,
But I was more alive.

A peace that was unparalleled.
And a quiet that belittles,
The worries of a mundane life.

In those weathered rocks,
Jutting out of nothingness,
There was beauty of a different kind.

I moved to a higher ground,
And with every bit of my rise,
It completely overtook me.


It flowed smoothly.

Gushing down, alleviating;
Pains of things lost,
and not found.

Spreading warmth,
In a bitter frost;
And peace, around.

Each gulp,
Partly bitter,
Partly sweet.

Relieving slowly,
The jitter.
A confidant; discreet.

It flowed crudely.

As the night,
Slowly passed.
Slightly pressed.

Each slurp,
Quickly amassed,
As I confessed.

Everything –
Wounds old.
And stinging.

Painful to watch,
The events unfold,
And memories yet clinging.

It flowed.
And then it didn’t.

As the darkness,
Of the night.
Bled into it all.

As the sorrow,
And the dimming light,
Put an end to the fall.

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She looked at the shore,
And it stared back.
A transient limit –
Awaiting her hack.

She had conquered the land.
But was scared of the sea.
Afraid, perplexed, presuming;
That’s as far as she could be.

Her heart raced,
Watching the wave approach.
All the while, drowning;
In self reproach.

Her eyes fixating,
On the horizon distant.
Where she wanted to be,
This very instant.

She looked at the shore,
And the sea parted.
The transient limit,
Had departed.

She raced unbridled,
Cutting away every rope;
Spreading her conquest,
With newfound hope.

Abhinav Garg

The Artist

The colours escaped,
From her fingertips.
Leaving trails,
Like meandering rivers;
In an endless sea of white.

The waters gave way,
Without a fight.
A new world,
Hacking away at nothingness;
Stood ground with all its might.

But what value lay,
In something conjured,
With such ease?
She bent over, swirling the waters,
Someone a little hard to please.

Time stopped,
But not her frantic activity.
An emergent order,
From her beautiful chaos,
Adorned everything within the border.

She looked up,
Tucking back her hair.
Her beauty dripping into the sea.
She smiled – for it was exactly,
What she wanted it to be.

Abhinav Garg